The Magento CMS has been owned by Adobe since 2018 after passing into the hands of eBay. Unlike the previous CMS presented so far. Magento is really dedicated to the creation of a well-defined type of website.  E-commerce sites. Available in open source and under a paid license for companies wishing to take advantage. Of an all-in-one package including. Among other things, hosting and 24/7 technical assistance. Magento allows the development of e-commerce sites. Of all sizes. It must be said that all the features essential to an online store are there. Namely marketing tools and promotions, catalog management, price management. Transport tracking, multilingual site management and of course the payment solutions.

Squarespace — Founded in 2004 in New York

Squarespace is a website creation tool mainly used to design blogs or One Page sites. It must be said that even if Squarespace can allow the creation of “online store” type websites, the options available are few with themes that can all be quickly consulted. Yes, that’s the real downside when we talk about Squarespace, the number of themes and Armenia Phone Number List extensions available is extremely small. Thus, it is only possible to design basic sites sporting on the other hand, it must be admitted, a rather modern design. This is probably what explains why this CMS appeals above all to those who want to design a One Page site that is easy to learn and personalize with textual or multimedia content.

Note, however, that you will have to pay a subscription to use Squarespece, the price of the offers ranging from $5 to $70 per month. Shopify – As one of the main competitors to Magento, Shopify is, as its name may indicate, a CMS dedicated to the design of sites specialized in e-commerce. It is particularly suitable for those who are taking their first steps in the e-commerce sector. For a subscription of $29 per month and a monthly commission of 2%, they can open their first online store with a limited number of references and test their concept without significant investment.

The lack of ability to customize

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Your online store and the lack of features offered —. Unless you take out a monthly subscription of more than $200 — explain why many Shopify users then turn to Magento if their e-commerce site meets its audience. Maarketer — If all the Gulf Phone Number CMS present so far have been created in the United States, here is finally a European CMS and more precisely a CMS made in Switzerland. Having already convinced many professionals to create a website in Switzerland , the Maarketer CMS offers many advantages over its competitors. First, it was developed natively in French and is very easy to learn.

A company wishing to edit and create content by itself can therefore be delighted by using this CMS. At a time when security flaws are regularly discovered in the most popular. CMS on the market, Maarketer wants to be perfectly secure. It also embeds an automatic backup feature while it is offered with hosting included. Suffice to say that to the question “ how to create a website in Switzerland. You have probably found an answer. Marketer allowing you to design the web showcase you need. Tailor-made modules can be created to provide your space with the features essential to your business.