Our work inspires trust because we are dicat to understanding each business according to the brand’s priorities . Therefore, we always seek the most appropriate insights to improve decision-making in campaigns! Check below a list of the main Digital Marketing metrics and indicators , which we consider important to monitor, and better understand the importance of each of them for Digital Marketing actions! Return on Investment (ROI) ROI makes a comparative analysis between how much you spent and how much you grew in sales. A basic characteristic of how Digital Marketing works is precisely to improve profits, so this is one of the most important metrics to evaluate.

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To retain and engage them ! Material on Social Networks How to use social mia to build your company’s image What is Search Marketing – SEM and how does it work? Search Engine Marketing or Search Marketing is the segment of Digital Marketing that focuses on developing advertising strategies and formats through new database search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Request a quote now! At Orgânica Digital, we have cases from companies from different sectors, which show our effectiveness in monitoring metrics.

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In Google Ads campaigns, the amount charg in CPA is equivalent to lead conversions within the website. Tip: 6 Google Ads metrics and indicators to pay attention to Cost Per Lead (CPL) CPL evaluates the expenses to generate a new lead . This metric helps with the way Gulf Phone Number Digital Marketing works, because it shows whether campaigns are well adjust. Ideally, the CPL should be as low as possible, but high.