From our position as the largest network of digital marketing agencies, we have seen the impacts that COVID-19 has had on Conversations with the client using companies we work with. In order to help them deal with these challenges, and as a way of giving back to our clients that we value so much, a few months ago we created this series of webinars called  Ahead of the Curve . Therefore, This is a recap of our webinar on how to reimagine your customer conversations using the latest technologies taught by Eric Cook from Michigan.


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Therefore, Even with technology out of the equation. The best executive data way to boost your sales is through conversations with prospects and customers to get to know them. Learn more about them, explore their pain points and needs. Instead of creating content to distribute to your base (asynchronous communication), using AI and chatbots gives you synchronous communication with your audience.

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There are three main types of chatbots. Informative Gulf Phone Number content. A simple version of a chatbot that uses data. Obtained from Conversations with frequently asked questions and your frontline staff to answer concerns in a conversational manner. Therefore, These are more interactive chatbots that take the consumer through the sales process with payment authentication, notification tracking, etc. Therefore, These interactions can even bypass a website and occur directly from a link within your social media marketing .