Another strategic importance of keywords

Without prior keyword research, you risk missing out on users’ specific areas of interest, and therefore depriving yourself of significant organic traffic. Then, the keywords selected must be the subject of a large search volume and a significant level of difficulty to be relevant. So you need to find an ideal combination of search volume and keyword difficulty to eliminate competition issues as much as possible. Google Keyword Planner is a great free tool for keyword research , and for finding the perfect combination SEO specialist has a multi-entry matrix available here .

Export it and customize

It for your own use! moz.png 4) Google still continues to rank site pages based on the appearance of a targeted keyword in the URL, title, meta description, etc. a” Respect the basic rules of SEO ( see our dedicated article ) by making sure you have Turkey Phone Number List the right keywords in your page titles, meta descriptions and URLs. Your website should accurately and concisely describe the content of your pages and highlight the keywords that perform well in searches. Google often displays excerpts from meta-descriptions in search results and can use them to determine the relevance of your site for specific searches: improving its visibility on Google therefore requires this specific work to be done upstream.

Another strategic importance of keywords

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Understanding the evolution of demand in your market.  When  individual searches on Google,  telling a story, and this must deciphered by marketers. A search always starts from a need: it is a request for information that can quickly lead to a transaction.  This is why you must closely monitor the evolution of user requests in your domain: this says a lot about the evolution of your target’s needs and desires.

This will allow you to orient your Gulf Phone Number offer accordingly, develop new products and services to better meet the expectations of your customers. To sum up : best-practices-seo.png Source: translated from English from For more information, find our articles already published on an optimized On-Page SEO and on the strategy to adopt in terms of backlinks.

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