AI ​​and clearly It seems banal but it is not: behind it there is always the thought of the human being who must be able to communicate effectively with the yet express visually. Download Inside’s free guide now to discover Content Marketing trends and statistics! Uses and limits of Midjourney Midjourney represents a valid ally for graphic designers.

In fact it is capable of rendering surprising images.

AI ​​and clearly But it still nes human  intervention to work effectively. A creative can use it as  email list   a tool to get inspiration and create a new project starting from the input provid or have different variations of the same concept available in a short time. A discussion very similar to that made for ChatGpt also applies to Midjourney: it is the personality of the creative that makes the difference and makes this work irreplaceable even with the aid of machines.

The copyright of the images produc by the

AI ​​and clearly AI midjourney The use of artificial intelligence to create visual elements is a growing trend in the digital world. but it also raises important legal questions regarding the copyright of the images generat. Who owns images creat by an AI-bas  Gulf Phone Number computer system? Is it possible to register copyright for these images and protect them from unauthoriz use? These are just some of the dilemmas that ne to be address. with a certain urgency.