Add photos to your profile â€

If your listing can provide detailed information about your business, Internet users will also appreciate viewing your activity in pictures.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Synup, ads with photos are considered to be twice as reliable and generate 35% more clicks.

These are good reasons to add beautiful photos to your profile. Start with a profile photo, a cover photo, and a short company video.

Do not hesitate to add other photos, and mainly those taken by your customers. If aesthetically they are worth a look, they have their place on your sheet.



Collect and respond to reviews

Many companies forget this, but their Google My Business listing can allow them to generate customer reviews. However, positive reviews are real sales boosters.

To collect reviews, it’s very simple since you just have to ask your customers. To invite them to provide you with their review, you only need to send them a link to your listing.

To obtain it, go to Google Maps and enter the name of the company, then validate. Then click on the option menu at the top left of the window then on “Share or embed the map” and finally copy the link on the screen.

Engage with your customers on Google My Business


If your customers are looking for information about your brand or your company and they can’t find it, you may think that they will try to reach you on the phone.

This is not the case and that is why Google offers you an SMS messaging feature allowing you to chat directly with your customers. This can be activated in your dashboard. Then simply communicate the number of the smartphone used and that’s it.

Your customers can instantly ask you Oman Phone Number List a question. From a user experience point of view, it is interesting to provide a welcome message indicating that their request has been taken into account and that a response will be provided to them as soon as possible. Of course, your responsiveness will often depend on the level of customer satisfaction.

Again, this is a feature that can boost your credibility but also help you retain your customers.

Publish your business transactions


Be careful though, these publications follow a few rules. Already, they will not be visible for more than 7 days in your GMB file. Then they should be no more than 300 words (60-70 characters and the home button only appearing on the preview) and the image will be in 4:3 aspect ratio.

It’s up to you to integrate these publications into your marketing strategy.

Use integrated tools to get to know your customers better

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This will certainly improve your conversion path and therefore sell more.


As you have understood, by seeking Gulf Phone Number to exploit the full potential of Google My Business, it is possible to do much more than local SEO.

Indeed, by using all the features offered by the service, you can certainly improve the local visibility of your business, but you can also increase your sales, win new customers and retain existing customers.

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