A highly valued expert in the job market

Because the profession is still young and because profiles with both the broad knowledge and skills that we have seen earlier in this article are rare, digital marketing managers who have proven themselves are highly courted on the market.

Yes, if the results of an offline marketing strategy are difficult to measure, those of a digital marketing strategy are. Also, many managers are judged on the basis of their results.

Naturally, those who achieve the best are popular in the market and can expect an annual salary of between 80,000 and 120,000 CHF, where beginners enjoy a salary of around 40,000 CHF.

In any case, the profession arouses vocations and many are the graduates of business schools from a course specializing in web professions or web marketing who aspire to become responsible for digital marketing.

However, although a university education is essential, it would seem that a few years of professional experience in the world of SEO and digital marketing are also essential, in order to really have a perfect mastery of the field of activity.

A professional with multiple responsibilities

Even if we have already mentioned them somewhat in this article, let’s go back in detail to the responsibilities of the digital marketing manager. Here is a list as complete as possible:

  • Plan and implement all digital marketing actions, whether SEO/SEA, online advertising, social media management, emailing, etc.
  • Measure the overall performance of a Netherlands Phone Number List digital marketing strategy but also on the basis of previously set objectives by using KPIs
  • Build brand presence on social media
  • Identify trends to define the right growth strategies
  • Work with your collaborators to create high-performance landing pages optimized for the user experience
  • Manage a team, taking care to ensure that all members are on board with the project
  • Create conversion funnels and analyze them to continuously improve them
  • Carry out a technological watch and decide which technologies to adopt to maintain and/or get closer to the leading position
  • Develop strategies to generate traffic to your company’s website
  • Manage online advertising campaigns aimed at developing confidence in the product in order to promote its sale
  • Manage any improvements to the company’s web showcase (improvement of its design, content, ability to convert)
  • Budget the entire digital marketing strategy
  • Be constantly on the lookout for what competitors are doing in order to make the right strategic decisions.

The digital marketing manager therefore has a key role to play within a company and he must have solid shoulders to withstand the pressure that corresponds to his missions.

Now you know what a digital marketing manager

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Is and have a clear idea of ​​the missions Gulf Phone Number that fall to him within an agency or a company.

In any case, the development of this profession is a reminder of the extent to which digital marketing tends to take on ever more importance in the promotion of a brand or a product.

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