Many companies lose sight of the fact that a product launch  a major event that must be supported by a real strategy.

Also, they take the risk of seeing their product fail to attract customers, which can lead to financial losses but also to a deterioration of the image of the brand.

It is to prevent you from finding yourself in such a situation that we are now offering you 5 keys to make your product launch a success.

1 — Know your product perfectly

It may make you smile, but it is impossible to successfully launch a product without having developed an in-depth knowledge of it.


You also need to be able to identify the features that are most likely to make the difference and push the product into the hands of consumers. Once that’s done, highlight them at launch events and consumers are sure to buy in.

If your product fills a consumer Malaysia Phone Number List need and meets their expectations in terms of quality and price, there is a good chance that the sale of the product will be successful.

Some marketers consider that “a good product sells itself”. Skype, for example, has conquered a large audience simply because of the advantages it provides.


2 — Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors

Whatever the product you plan to put on sale, you are necessarily faced with competition even if it may be more or less strong.

Also, to successfully launch your product, it is essential that you have taken the time to analyze your competitors and above all their strengths but also their weaknesses.

Indeed, there is no point in wanting to challenge your rivals on their strengths. On the other hand, if you have identified the weakness of the competing product, tell yourself that this is where your product must hit hard. There is definitely an opportunity to seize…

By listing the strengths and weaknesses of your direct competitors, you will therefore have excellent indications of what your product must offer for it to have real added value compared to those of competitors.

If you manage to achieve this during product development, there is no doubt that you will know what arguments to put forward during promotion so that your product sells.

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3 — Clearly identify your target

Hen you create a product, essential that you know precisely who it is intended for in priority.  other words, you must be able to identify your target.

What are their needs ? What are their expectations ? Are they really listening to what’s new and how much are they willing to pay for a product like yours ? These are all answers that it is interesting to know for a successful product launch.


4 — Make your selling proposition unique


In order to successfully launch a product, you must ensure that you are making a unique selling proposition to consumers. It was Rosser Reeves, a marketing expert who broke the codes of advertising in the 1960s and 1970s, who formalized this concept.

According to him, “every  advertisement must make a proposition to the consumer”. Very concretely, an advertisement must invite a consumer to acquire a product by clearly explaining to him the benefit that he will derive from it.

Then, “ the proposal Gulf Phone Number must be unique ” that is to say that no competitor must do the same.

If “the unique selling proposition is strong enough”, it will stand out and success should be there.

5 — Communicate around the launch

If it is obviously essential to promote your product, it is also relevant to communicate on the launch of the product. To do this, consider defining a strategy that includes both elements and try to create a buzz around the launch.

For example, it is interesting to organize an original event to launch the product. Multiple possibilities exist, the main thing being that the event gets people talking about it and indirectly about the product.