All marketers want to create a better customer experience. It’s what can make or break an organization. As the experience a prospect or consumer has is key to not only driving conversions and revenue but customer loyalty and advocacy. 71% of senior marketers and 61% of mid-level marketers are responsible for digital transformation in their organizations according to research in ‘the marketing evolution: leadership. Transformation. Skills. Challenges & the future’. Despite this. ‘the 2021 state of digital transformation’ found that only 23% of cmos co-own digital transformation. With it more often taking the lead. But this shouldn’t be the case as marketing leaders and their teams are best place to take an active role in transformation. In this blog. We’ll explore the skills and knowlege that enable marketing to accelerate and execute your digital transformation strategy.

This is not only for marketing

Why are marketing leaders best place to lead? The role of a marketing team is to inform. Influence. And convert. That requires unique new data skills and a set of insights into the working of a business and the customer. When it comes to creating a digital transformation strategy. Marketing leaders can pull back and see the bigger picture; create a vision of where the company is and where it nees to be. This is not only for marketing but across the business and its functions as the entire customer lifecycle nees to be front of mind in digital transformation.

If a customer clicks on a social media

Not just parts of that lifecycle why choose dmi? Know thy customer a key part of a marketer’s job is to keep on top of new trends and developments. This not Gulf Phone Number only includes technology but also customer nees and behaviors. This is vital for any business in scenario planning and future-proofing. There is also no getting away from the importance of customer experience. Customers are getting more demanding and seek out an omnichannel approach where every touchpoint in a business is consistent and seamless. So. If a customer clicks on a social meia post to find out more about a new product. Make sure that the next point of contact relates to that product (e.g custom landing page) and is on brand. Otherwise.