Positioning in Google: instructions for occupying the 1st place

To make sales, you must first attract potential customers to your site. Until now, nothing new. But the crucial question is: how to significantly increase this traffic? There are of course countless marketing tactics and strategies, but where to start and where to focus your resources? One of the best methods is to get to the top of Google search results for keywords that relate to your business and the products or services you sell. A result as attractive as it is difficult to achieve, at a time when the referencing carried out by Google includes more than 200 factors which are analyzed by the algorithm responsible for your ranking in the search engine. So what should you focus on first? Experts advise to focus on “long tail” keywords (long tail SEO).

What is it about ?

The long tail is a Google query made up of a sequence of keywords. We are starting to talk about “long tail” for queries of more than 4 words. The characteristic of these keywords? These are unpopular keywords or synonyms of the keywords most Switzerland Phone Number List frequently used by Internet users in your market (in yellow on the graph below). Long tail Source: CNET The longer the search queries, the more likely they are to bring up these less used keywords. Why is it interesting for your Positioning in Google? Because their conversion rate is high. So yes, you will certainly lose opportunities to appear in search results because these keywords will be less apparent in Internet users’ queries.

On the other hand

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They will have a better chance of bringing your site up in the first search results. As a result: if the number of visitors is lower by betting on less popular keywords, the long tail constitutes an important part of the overall traffic of your site: it accounts for almost 80% of traffic. How do you find those “long tail” keywords and become #1 in Google results? As” 1) Do your research First, you need to do a search for keywords, making sure they are long enough. A good long-tail keyword should be at least four words long. Long tail Source: Ska Agency Assess competition for selected keywords with Google’s Keyword Planner.

The good thing about long-tail keywords is that there are a lot of them, which is why almost 80% of keyword research traffic today comes from long-tail keywords. After the length and the competition, try to evaluate the intention behind Gulf Phone Number the request to favor those which convert the best: to have information, to compare or to buy? You can then incorporate these terms into your long-tail keywords, such as “buy a lightweight business laptop with built-in SD card reader.” The first term can change to be “compare” or “features” or “brands”. If you adapt your long-tail keywords in such a way that your intentions converge with those of the Internet user, you will quickly rise in the search results.

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