Implement the SMART method

Here are some examples of how you can apply the SMART goal method to your own business: Turnover objective: study the turnover achieved over the last two years, the evolution between year A and year B, the parameters that led to this evolution and realistically define the objective of the current year, including a marketing investment cost. Acquisition objective: define the number of additional customers you will need to reach this turnover and make your marketing investment profitable.

Objective in terms of the number

Of leads to be generated : what part of your current leads end up turning into customers? Depending on this figure, you will know how many leads you need to reach such a number of end customers. Conversion objective: by how much to Afghanistan Phone Number List increase the average value of the average basket on online ordersto achieve the revenue target. Engagement Goal: How much to increase the number of active customers buying at least once per quarter. Check the timeliness of your SMART goals — In order to be certain that you have identified and defined the right objectives for your strategy, here are 9 questions to ask yourself to check the appropriateness and relevance of each of them.

These questions were developed by Andy Neely

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An economic performance measurement specialist from the University of Cambridge. Is this indicator essential for monitoring the progress of the strategy? Does this indicator correspond exactly to the scope I want to measure? Does this indicator allow me to accurately measure the performance of my action. The data always collected in the same way to Gulf Phone Number have a homogeneous and exact follow-up? Is it easy to collect the data needed to calculate the indicator? Is ambiguity possible in the interpretation of the results? Can the data actually be used? Can the data be available quickly and frequently for analysis? Is the cost of the measurement worth the investment? It is indeed easy to make very long lists of SMART objectives: thanks to this additional filter, you will be able to precisely target the essential indicators.

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