Business Intelligence, an essential strategic tool

As a decision-maker, you have the difficult task of making strategic and budgetary choices regarding the development of your business. These choices involve many issues and it is sometimes difficult to decide: this is where the crucial support of Business Intelligence comes into play. The Cloud and Big Data magazine gives the following definition: “ Business Intelligence, or business intelligence, designates all the technologies enabling companies to analyze data for the benefit of their decision-making. » According to IBM , 90% of the world’s data was created in the past two years. According to Glassdoor’s 2019 ranking of the best jobs in the United States,

“Data Scientist” is the No

1 job, with a satisfaction rate of 4.3/5 and an average salary of $108,000. According to Forbes , Business Intelligence is used at all decision-making. Levels of the company, in particular by General Management, the Operations Department and the Sales Department (modeled in blue on the graph below). Functions-Driving-Business-Intelligence.jpg We had Albania Phone Number List already mentioned it in our article “Digital Intelligence, why take the turn?  As a business leader, you can no longer miss this resource, which is becoming a real challenge for growth. Even survival! Also, according to Forbes, making better decisions. Improving operational efficiency. Increasing revenues and increasing competitive advantage would be the four main objectives of using Business Intelligence. Thanks to four key uses of Business Intelligence.

Predictive analyses, consistency

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Of the customer journey, control of customer thinking processes and unified knowledge of customers.The analysis of the accumulated data makes it possible to identify predictive trends : a major competitive advantage to remain competitive and be the preference of customers in its market. These predictions are valuable decision-making aids, especially for sales teams, who will be able to use them to increase sales. How it works ? By analyzing Gulf Phone Number the past behavior of customers, it is easier to determine which message works, and especially which product to offer according to the profile of the customers. When marketers fully understand their target’s behavior, they can more easily anticipate their future needs . This analysis also makes it possible to improve the dialogue with customers, to increase the rate of commitment and to better reach its core target.

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